Welcome, glad to see you are interested in using Consolidated Logic’s new tool, RDA - Rapid Design Assembly.

RDA minimizes the assembly time for FPGA designs by utilizing the philosophy of modular libraries, much like in software development. Component modules can be mixed and matched during assembly to RAPIDLY create new designs without the long compile times, typical of FPGAs.

RDA is currently available as an add-on to GNU Radio and it’s user-friendly application, GNU Radio Companion. GNU Radio is a free & open-source software development toolkit that provides signal processing blocks to implement software radios. Much of GNU Radio processing occurs on a general purpose processor. While this is flexible, it doesn’t provide the performance some applications may require. Adding external hardware to the GNU Radio flow can alleviate this problem, but is often difficult to use or provide the same flexibility as a GPP. We’ve integrated our RDA system into GNU Radio to provide a solution with both flexibility and performance matched by no one else. Our current target FPGA platform is the USRP X310 from Ettus Research. Ettus Research has recently been developing a library of signal processing blocks for their USRP hardware systems called RFNoC. The RFNoC block library is the basis of the RDA component library in this first public release of the RDA tools.

This is all a lot to absorb, and to use RDA there are some prerequisites that would be helpful.

For further reading about GNU Radio, go to The GNURadio Wiki For further reading about RFNoC and the USRP see the Ettus Research RFNoC Wiki Sections of importance are:

  • Getting Started: Building Your Own Custom Block
  • RFNoC Specification: Feature Definition
  • RFNoC Specification: High Level Description
  • RFNoC Specification: Detailed Description

Consolidated Logic has multiple tutorials available to ease the setup and your introduction to RDA. These are links are available here:

Our client side installation has been automated into a script. You can find it HERE. If the script gives you any trouble, please see the installation guide for more detailed directions.

Don’t forget to create an account on our website to use RDA as a cloud application!

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