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Not Suffer With Complextity

The entry barrier for using an FPGA to solve a computational problem has always been perceived to be much higher than that of software. Much of this is attributed to the very nature of a design flow that has remained frozen in time for decades.

Allow your FPGA to be an equal participant in your next design. Rapid design assembly technology enables you to freely explore your hardware/software design space without the lengthy compile times. FPGA design compilation can be an arduous and time consuming process, but it doesn’t have to be.


Status Quo Must Go

One of the fundamental roadblocks designers face with FPGA-based prototyping lies in the low design productivity resulting from digital design and the long compilation cycle.

In the software domain, short compilation times enable quick evaluation of the resulting code and, thus, provide instant gratification to the developer. When compared to compilation times in software engineering, the digital design turn cycles are prohibitively long, often taking hours to days for larger designs.

Acceptance of long compile times has restrained the creativity of FPGA designer for too long. It is time to change our ways.



Our cloud-based assembly accelerator builds your design, yet your intellectual property never leaves your computer!

The Consolidated Logic unique assembly accelerator only needs superficial information about your design, which is extracted automatically. All of your logic -- your intellectual property -- remains safe and secure with you, always under your control, and never leaves your machine. Interactions with the cloud-based assembly accelerator are concise, quick, and safe.

And, performance is not sacrificed. Achieve full-speed datapaths while utilizing multiple clock domains.


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